Chaussures écolo: Veja

english, others/altres
ENG. A pair of shoes. A randomn product that everyone has in its closet. We all have, at least, 2 or 3 pairs, and we wear them in all sort of occasions, even in job interviews. Many famous brands have gaigned a lot of money by producing thoudands of shoes every year. In addition, several companies have been denounced for their non-ethical  work conditions and also for the pollution that their factories generate.

However, the french brand Veja has decided to change all the concept behind the shoe’s fabrication by using three simple principles: using ecological inputs, using fair trade cotton and latex and respect the workers’ dignity. Following this idea, they have created a simple but eficient pair of shoes both for men and women that can be found around the globe within a price around 100 euros.

Nowadays they told us we must be ecologicals, so by wearing Vega we would feel better and we would actually contribute to make this world better!

Visit their online shop to see all the available models.


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