Summer is here: a few suggestions


Summer is here. Suggestions for this days:

– If it’s too hot outside watch (again) this film

– If you are hungry, eat a lot of fruits, they are fresh and healthy. To make them less boring, you can keep them here. If not, you can also eat lots of ice creams.

– Take a bike ride and park it in this funny hairbrush.

– If you want to travel, this might be a good destination (in spanish)

– Go to the beach and never be afraid of losing your swimming suit thanks to Superkini by O’Neil

– If you don’t have the beach near by, go to a cool swimming pool like this one in Berlin, this one in Dallas or this one in Utah

– Summer is a good time to show your skin. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo this one looks great

– Take lots of cool photos

– But if you still have to stay in the office or study for your exams, at least do it with fun office suppliers like Poppin !

*PS. any other suggestions would be more than welcome : )

PS2. Picture above is from the film 500 hundred days of summer. I’ve found the rest of the ideas here and there, but mainly in Holy, A Cup of Jo and We Heart It.


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