Lomography + MUBI = Cannes Mini Movie Contest

cinema, english, photography

ENG. If one of your passions is the cinema, you might know already Mubi. If not, in a few words, it’s an online film library where you can watch a wide variety of films (mostly independent and non comercial films) anywhere on the globe thanks to the Internet. Actually I didn’t wanted to talk about this online platform but the last action they did in the Cannes film festival.

They organized a lomography contest for the directors of the Short Film Corner in Cannes. After that, a big jury (with Gabriel Garcia Bernal on the top) choose the best ones.

I think it’s a great idea for both promote Mubi and the lomography, right ? There is all kind of pictures (the picture above is the winner) but here are a few of my favourites:

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Sebastian Lopez Borda

Utku Cansu

Utku Cansu

Eliana Bantcher

Tess Löwenhardt

Reinis Kalnaellis

More lomos of the contest can be seen in the official page of the contest.


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