The videogames-post it war

art, english


ENG. Aah post-its. This excellent invention that helps us everyday in our work lifes. We write lots of random stuff down, and they are really useful for people like me, who tend to forget everything. Post its can also be considered as art, since it’s possible to do amazing forms with them (see this and this, for example).

As I said, post its are found really often in our offices. What happens, then, if you have a bit of imagination and you’re bored ? Maybe you do like a guy from Ubisoft in Paris, and you decide to draw a few monsters in your window. But what would really be surprising is that a few days later, your neighbours working for the BNP Bank decide to attack you back by drawing a pacman in thei own windows. This funny war is still taking place in those office buildings in Paris, and it seems employees are taking it really seriously. I mean, even Mario and Zelda has apperead on the battle !

So what’s next, using cheap coffee to draw Picassos ?

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