Blogroll rocks !

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ENG. There is sometimes, when owning a blog, that you don’t know what to talk about. You don’t know anything special enough to be told, but you want to tell something anyway. That’s what we would call the lack of inspiration. Is then the perfect time to take a look on what other bloggers are talking about and get some ideas, as well as what’s happening around. The blogroll section in a blog usually consists on a list of all those blogs that you regularly visit and, therefore, the ones you get inspired from.

My list was sort of a caos that it could only be understood by me, since all the blogs where just linked, without any information. Well, now I’ve tried to change this so you can also enjoy of a few of the awesome blogs that can be found around the web. I’ve created different categories where blogs have a sort of order, as well as a short description and the country where they are coming from. I didn’t realized there is a LOT of blogs on the list, and all of them are great, so now I’ll stop writing and let you dig into this source of inspiration !

What about you, which are your favourite blogs? Do you have any recomendation to give me? : )




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