Happy weekend !

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ENG. This is the first weekend of fall, and I must admit it sucks. A lot. And I’m going to missing summer so bad… But well,  that’s life I guess. To make this weekend less awful, here you have a few links that you might found interesting. Enjoy!

– What if you shoot all kind of animals you saw during a period of time and made a collage out of it? Well, here is the answer, by photographer David Liittschwager from the National Geographic team.

Best quote ever.

Food in 3d? Hell yeah!

– Ecology is trendy, nobodoy denies that. The new’s Greenpeace project is really cool, it is called White Roof Project and its goal is to paint all black roofs in the US in order to stop climate change. Want to know why?

– Want to put some colour in your life? Check this and this and this.

– Cute Stockholm print by Ian Winstanley

“Elvis”, a rescue fairy penguin, was fitted with blue shoes for his sore feet at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, NZ.

Stockholm print by Ian Winstanley


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