National coffee day

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ENG. Once again I’ve messed up with the dates, but it doesn’t matter, I guess I can celebrate coffee day the day that I wish. And if not…well, I don’t care. So, like I did last year, here you have a few post here in Fünf Gemüse related to coffee. Let’s celebrate one of the best drinks ever!


– Nice coffee prints, here and here

50 italians ways to drink a coffee!

– Nespresso insects

– Nice video with the coffee as one of the main characters: breakfast interrupted

– Song “coffee on my belly”.

– Things I would like to buy: awesome Illy coffe machine

– Paris vs New York way to drink coffee

– D’Espresso coffee in New York

– Coffee tshirt by Threadless

– Coffee ads that will wake you up !



2 thoughts on “National coffee day

  1. Què bo està el café! Tot i que jo intento canviar al té, que és més saludable…(no he tingut èxit de moment, ara prenc té i café xD) M’agraden molt els links que has posat

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