12 world map animals

design, english

Twelve Animals, Rooster -- ENG. Sometimes we wish we could rearrange the world map so that some countries could be closer that they actually are. With this, long distance relationships wouldn’t exist, and people might be happier.

Of course this is only possible in our imagination, and only for people who are a bit creative. Kentaro Nagai is one of them, and in his serie “12 animals” he has imagined which forms would the world map compose if they were animals from the chinese zodiac.

I’m affraid my sign is one of the ugliest ones, I mean, who could say that a rat is adorable ?

Twelve Animals, Mouse --


Twelve Animals, Tiger --


Twelve Animals, Rabbit --


Twelve Animals, Ram --


Twelve Animals, Monkey --


Twelve Animals, Dog --


Twelve Animals, Pig --




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