Birthday parties inspiration

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ENG. You want your birthday party to never be forgotten? Well then you should probably should be doing something creative instead of the dinner+party that is usual. If you don’t have a clue on what to do, check this post out, maybe you’ll find what you need!

1. Thematic party: create all the elements of your party around a same concept (pirates, animals, cowboys). If you can’t do it alone, hire a company who does it (for example Pistacho in Spain, love their work).

Another thematic parties you can think about:

rainbow party

pirate party

2. Make sure your guests have fun, not only by eating but also by playing and dancing:

sweets available all day with this lollipop tree (source)

make them wear a funny hat (tutorial)

3. Send them a really nice card so they can’t never decline your invitation. Examples:

designed by Lizania Cruz
designed by Alana McCann
4. Buy yourself a chalkboard and organise a photocall where your friends and family will leave messages for you. After that, you’ll have a nice album with lots of messages and souvenirs : )
picture by Pierre Prospero
Chevron Modern MINI Gable Box Favors
or give them something to bring home (for example a box full of candies, source)
5. Ask your guests to come to your party in a costume. You can do this something really funny, by for example asking them:
– To wear something that starts with the first letter of their name. (a girl called Carolina can come dressed up as an cat)
– Come wearing a moustache
Comment réussir sa soirée d'anniversaire?
-To come to the party by wearing normal except one detail (for example, wearing a converse in one feet and a balerina shoe on the other one)
(some of this ideas can be found in My Little Paris)
Anyway, if at the end you think any of the ideas are worth it, you can always ask a ad agency to create your party, it will be succesful for sure!

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