Stuttgart city library


The interiors sport a very open layout with books visible throughout. Some may find the whites a bit sterile, but make no mistake, books are the center of attention here. But, what really caught our attention, and we are sure it caught yours as well are – the stairs! They are so randomly placed, connecting each floor, but also connecting the whole space together. You're not just climbing the stairs, you're exploring the environment around you, the view of the library is completely exposed to your eyes. We bet that climbing those stairs feels so triumphant!

ENG. It is intersting to see special constructions builded around the globe. Some museums, hotels or particular houses catch our eye for its particular design or the materials they’ve used. However, nothing is better than when you see that one of those “special” buildings has been constructed in a city you particulary know or love.

Library from the Outside

This is what happened with the new Stuttgart city library. When I  first saw the picture, I only thaught “wow, such a nice library” but then I realized it was built it Stuttgart and my heart started pumping really hard.

Besides, mixing architecture and literature always makes me really happy. I specially like the concept of this design: outside is like a complicated Rubik cube, with blue illumination at night. On the other hand, the inside is so simple that architecture becomes secondary and the books become the main protagonists. Good job from  architect Eun Young Yi

So after discovering this amazing building I’ve been a bit nostalgic for a while, wondering how long would it take this time to come back to Germany again !

White and the Books

The Stairs

Childrens Nook

Green Sitting Space for Children

Of course, this kind of a monumental library has a Café named LesBar (in translation – Reading Bar) and a space for children to play and acquire the habit of reading. Their space is a bit more colorful, naturally, but still keeps up with the clean, structured vibe of the rest of the space. Books for children are cleverly put in bins, so that they can easily go through them, because we all know that they are mostly attracted to the cover of the book. And we are mostly attracted to this library!


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