Friday means fun

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A cat's map of the bed

Friday means fun is a weekly section where I display a few fun pictures I’ve found around the web. The goal is to make everybody smile before the weekend. I guess today it’s not that hard, since this is Christmas weekend and everybody would come home with their families, but I wanted to keep the tradition anyway : )

Oh, and I have some very exciting news to share ! The other day I posted about color photos I took during 2011. And this post made it to freshly pressed, the front page of wordpress, yaaayy ! So cool right, I was so happy : ) This brought lots of new people to visit Fünf Gemüse, so I welcome everybody, hoping you’ll stay with us ! And I’ve readen all the nice comments you’ve left, and I promise I’ll answer all of them. Thanks again, this is the best christmas present ever!

See you all next week, more pictures are about to come !

The Cool Hunter - I Feel Good Today At Erste Liebe Bar, Hamburg

Bryan Couchman




Ivan Rodéo Rodriguez • Designer graphique indépendant• Graphiste indépendant • freelance • photographe


Un arc en ciel de 2500 voitures 2500 cars made wonderfull rainbow



creative ads 2011 01 Most Creative Advertisements Of 2011


dark knight rise walking dead minimalist posters 26 45 awesome retro posters by Fro Design Co

kim jong il how i met your mother hells tv shows

racing.jpg (JPEG Image, 507x480 pixels)



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