Sweet play, chocolate combination


We all love chocolate (and does who doesn’t are really strange people). And we all know that chocolate is easily combined with different things such as nougat or fruits. But it has happened to all of us: one day we don’t feel like eating chocolate with fruits, the other we don’t feel like eating chocolate with cookies. I am not sure if this is what happened to french designer Elsa Lambinet, but she has based her final master’s project around this idea, with a cute name “Sweet Play”.

Together with the swiss chocolate brand Blondel  she has developped an idea based on the creation of pieces of chocolate with little holes where we can put whatever we feel like. With this, we can enjoy chocolate with the thing we like the most, depending on our mood. Isn’t this a brilliant idea? I think I won’t be over reacting if I affirm that this could change the life to us, chocolate lovers. We’ll see ! For the moment, nice work done by this young designer, with a bunch of other interesting projects (also for coffee addicts!)



Via Trendland


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