A present from Australia


My friend in France collects sand beach. She has many different boxes and bottles with different sands from different places she has gone or that other people has brought to her. With this, she can see how different the sands are depending from where they are, even though they all look pretty much the same to our unexperienced eyes.

Two weeks ago we went to the amazing beach in Jervis Bay, and we collected some super white sand so we could send her. We noticed that while walking on the beach, the sand made a funny noise. Later on, we found out that this kind of sand it’s called squeaky sand, which I found terribly cute (click here if you want to hear it). Back in Sydney, I bought a beautiful glass bottle and wrote Jervis Bay, Australia with a set of cute stickers that I bought in Singapore. I think she’s gonna love it, that’s why I haven’t tell her anything yet (she never reads that blog, so that’s ok).

Now I only need to go to the post office and send it back to France so she can add it to her collection and proudly say that she has some sand from the other side of the world !

What about you, do you collect any special treasure from around the globe? I do ! I collect pencils, so if you ever go somewhere and want to make you happy, now you know how : )


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