S(pain) and other illness found on countries.


I can’t do anything but loving the last advertising campaign made by the advertising agency TBWA from Buenos Aires for the Medicus Health Insurance, concerning their medical assistance for travellers. With this posters, they combine both  typography and play on words to create this exquisite pieces that display hidden words in the most common places.

The Spain one also describes how I feel about my country, so I just had to share it : ) Oh, and doesn’t this make you remember the Dexter intro?

Medicus Health Insurance: Calcutta

Medicus Health Insurance: Germany

Medicus Health Insurance: Versailles

Medicus Health Insurance: Kuala Lumpur

Via Pensar Para Vender


3 thoughts on “S(pain) and other illness found on countries.

  1. M’encanten aquestes campanyes!! Amb lo de la pizza, entre tots m’heu fet un màster. He vist que el més important és ficar-la al forn a temperatura màxima i començar ficant-la a la part d’abaix de tot del forn, sense safata ni res. A veure si ho probo avui 😀

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