The sleeping animal Projectzzz


Everyone that knows me will know that I love to take pictures of animals. My poor cat has been suffering from it since she was a baby, and I think that now she secretly enjoys it. Anyway, I have looots of animal pictures in my computers. Some are cute, some are not. One day I suddenly realized that I have quite a lot of pictures where the animals are…well, sleeping. Or resting. Or both.

That’s why I have decided to put them all together and do a serie of the sleeping animals projectzzz!

I can’t decide on which one is the cutter, but I guess we’ll all agree than the big black bat is better that way than when he flies over your head in the Australian parks 😀

Enjoy !




Pictures taken in : Otters (Zoo La Rochelle, France), Seagull (Sydney, Australia), Kangaroo (Port Stephens, Australia), I don't know what this is (Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia), dwarf hippo (Zoo Singapore), White tigger (Zoo Singapore), african fox (Zoo La Rochelle, France), Sheep (Basque Country), Red Panda (Zoo La Rochelle, France), Tiger (Zoo La Rochelle, France), koala (Taronga Zoo, Sydney), Camel (Zoo Barcelona), flying-fox bat (Sydney, Australia), dolphin (Zoo Barcelona), cat (home!).

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