10 things I wouldn’t mind you offering me


This evidence laundry bag will reveal how awful I am when I have to do my laundry, just leaving all my clothes to be dirty before actually doing it

Heart Gloves, Light Cream with Red Felt Heart

Heart gloves, cool for this australian winter!

Ohea, the smart bed ! (stop doing your bed everyday, click on the image to see the awesome video of this Spanish brand)


This cool stool, which will help me reach everything

Beach bag, with an special item that allows you to remove the sand! Awesome idea, but I just saw the price and made me cry ($375)


Small summer bracelet, perfect for the sunny days,made by the Basque brand Little GriGri

Gommage Corps Thé Vert

Natural hand-made body scrub, I think I would love the flavour! (green tea), made by Blancreme

Burger Mash Colour-In Wallpaper

Colour-in wallpaper, for the moments that I would be bored !

Enlightenment Book Lamp

A booklamp, perfect to read on the bed

Australia Country or State Heart Love Map -  8x10 Silhouette Art Print

This Australia map, to bring home as a cute souvenir


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