Lettres de non-motivation

art, design

Unfortunately, this post will only be understood by french speakers.

Those are non-motivation letters that artist Julien Prévieux started writing back on the year 2000. He argues in each letter about company details as well as informations regarding each workplace. They are all very critic but yet hilarious. Sometimes he gets a negative answer, but sometimes the companies try to explain him the reasons why they wrote the job offer in one way and not another. I have to add that I find really annoying that some of this so called “serious” companies reply the letters using Comic Sans, don’t you?

Knowing how difficult is to get a job these days, and actually agreeing with him in some of his letters, I’m wondering if I should start sending those kind of letters. Maybe I’ll get more answers than in the traditional way…

If you want to read them, please visit his website.

Via Madmoizelle.com


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