Friday means fun: pretty tattoos

art, design, friday means fun, photography/fotografia

Are you a tattoo person ? I am. Sometimes. Then I remind myself how I would be inked for the rest of my life and then start having questions. I guess that is because I’ve never seen any tatoo that is special enough to me so I have never decided on getting one. Also because I’ve thing some really nasty things that people like to have all over their body.

However, I do enjoy to see at some cool tattos. I actually prefeer small tatoos with some simple drawing. What about you?

So here you have, a few tattoos to make your friday less sad with all this rain outside ! : )

tea time


I'd do something w/ CA and Iran This is the cutest thing ever.



allison marisa - gemma correll cat tattoo




Words can't say what love can do

on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

But well you know… Everytime I think of getting a tattoo I think I might end up like her. And then I just change my mind : )

Tattoo madness  Old lady gone crazy.


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