Crafts inspiration: Gift tags

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Lately, my sister has been doing some presents from friends who are moving abroad (by the way, have you noticed how many people is leaving?). As we all do, she has been looking for inspiration online and she emailed me some gift tags that she has liked. I couldn’t help it and three seconds later I was checking them and maaaaany more (yeap, guilty of spending one hour in front of the computer just doing this). I’ve been surprised for how many awesome free printable and do it yourself gift tags can be found!

I wanted to share it also with you, just in case all your friends start leaving or, simply, you want to give a personal touch to your presents!

The one above is a confetti gift tag tutorial by The Creative Place

Metallic Embossed Gift Tags

Do it yourself metallic gift tags by Paper Crave

Do it yourself paper flower gift tag by Warm Hot Chocolate

Do it yourself father’s gift tags by My Poppet
Free printable polka dots gift tag by Hello, Good Gravy!


Free printable Christmas gift tags by Jones Design Company

Present with an Ashley G tag

Free illustrated printable gift tags by Kitty Genius

Free printable vintage mountain gift tag by Fellow Fellow

Free printable Love gift tags by Heartmade

Free printable ribbons gift tag by Love vs Design

Chalkboard gift tags by Tally’s Treasury

Free printable Christmas gift tags by Hey Look

Halloween Favor Tags with Bunting Flags in Orange and Black

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