3 recipes: Death by Chocolate


I don’t know what do you think but, this time of the year is quite depressing to me. The days get shorter, you have to wear 50 layers and feel like an onion, swimming in the beach is unconceibable and you have to stay indoors.

And also, I have time to think. For example, where does the expression “death by chocolate” comes from? I was expecting some kind of legend of a king who was murdered with a chocolate cake, or something similar. It would have been such a bittersweet death! I’ve been kind of disappointed when finding out that this is a marketing term invented in the 80s by a man in a dessert factory…

While I recover from this uninteresting story, here you have three cool desserts that could possibly be a perfect description of this Death by Chocolate:

Cappuccino Cookies, recipe by Milk and Honey

Faux Nutella Canalés by Buttercream Chantilly

Knockoff Ferrero Rocher Truffles


Click on each link to see the original recipe!


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