Food+Design: Ensaimadart


Have you ever been to Mallorca? If so (and you weren’t too drunk) you’ll know that the most typical souvenir that someone can get from the island is an Ensaimada, a traditional spiral-shaped pastry. They are presented in octogonal boxes that allows you to carry the pastry around without smashing it.

Amadi Esment‘s foundation works with disabled people and its celebrating its 50th birthday in 2012. This is why they’ve started the EnsaimadArt project, where leading artists from around the globe will design a special sticker that will fit in the ensaimada boxes. The ensaimades, as well as the printing of the stickers will be carried out by people from the foundation, and all the profits coming from the sales of the ensaimada boxes as well as the catalogues will go to the foundation who will create working opportunites for disabled people.

It is such a great charity project, and the designs are so inspiring! So know you know, next time you’ll fly to Mallorca you know what to get home: it will not only be a charity action but you will be also be acquering a piece of art!





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