Movember: let it grow (the moustache)

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We spoke yesterday about charity events in Mallorca. Today, I want to introduce you a global charity event called Movember, which is the funny combination between November+Moustache. This event wants to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, something that is not always as evident as it seems. Specifically, this campaign wants to help fight prostate cancer and male mental health.

So from today until the end of the month all men involved in this campaign will grow a moustache and help spread the word. This event started in Australia in 2003 and it has become a major worldwide event since. It’s also a funny event, with a competition to see who has the best moustache, and everyone can participate in the website Movember.

Being a girl, we are aware that moustaches doesn’t look really nice on us so here you have a selection of moustache items that will help you support your man in case he decides to participate in this event!

Moustache T-shirt


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