Travel: The Heidelberg project

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In Detroit they have been doing for years an outdoor community art environment project called “The Heidelberg Project“. I am not sure why this project got the name of a famous german city, but the truth is that this project has been creating pieces of art since 1986. They use recycled materials and found objects from the streets of the city.

The aim of the project is to tell a different story with each piece, foucsing on current issues of the Detroit’s society. It wants the observer to think if it’s either art or garbage, playing with the sensible line that is usually between them.

Either way I find it a very interesting project, not only to conscienciate about recycling, but also as a “must-do” thing while visiting this city, which I am sure is not on most bucket’s list…

The Heidelberg Project, Detroit

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More on the Heidelberg Project website.


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