Paper master art: Fideli Siri Sundqvist

art, crafts, design


Swedish Fideli Siri Sundqvist is a master paper artist. You don’t belive me? Then check out how many different things she can do with paper. Example?

Dead natures with extreme details. Even the light reminds us of Caravaggio or any light’s masters!

Suitcases with city surprises inside

Pinture that splashes and creates other forms

Circus comics n 3-D

White cities

Folding paper animals (they are for sale!)

Paper flowers that reminds us of the botanical posters we had in school

And kids who enjoy themselves (well, maybe not) playing with paper!

Convinced? Then go chek out her portfolio for more amazing projects and maybe to find a hidden hobby!



One thought on “Paper master art: Fideli Siri Sundqvist

  1. Once again! I absolutely adore this art…. It’s so amazing, I especially love the paper crafted Hot Air Balloon it’s fantastic, It’s always a joy to look at x

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