BCN:MCR, Barcelona, Manchester and a design exhibition

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What comes first to your mind when you hear Barcelona and Manchester? Sun and rain. Right, it did the same thing to me. However, both cities have lived a sort of recovery in the last decades, bringing them to the national scheme in what design and culture refeers. Maybe the fact that they both have still an industrial past has somehow connected them and helped local artists to raise in any kind of art, from architecture to design.

This is why, besides its enormous differences, Manchester and Barcelona are closer that we might think, and this is what designer Dave Sefwick wants to show in an exhibition opening 21st January who will run for two weeks in the 2022 Northern Quarter coffee shop.

With the title BCN:MCR the exhibition will display the work of some innovative Barcelona design agencies such as Hey,LamoscaLo SientoMayúscula and Mucho. On the opening day there will be a talk with the artists and Dave Sefwick himself where they will make reflections concerning art, architecture and maybe even tapas or paella!

So if you’re around the city in those days don’t miss this event!

Here you have some art from the displaying agencies which I’m sure you’ll appreciate:




La Mosca

La vida de los objetos (Lettering, Identity) by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona

DESIGNTIMES Magazine cover 2 (Print) by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona

Alba Editorial (Editorial) by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona

Lo siento

Hey studio




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