10 Snow-related stuff

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Snow Fence (6)

It’s been snowing for a few hours now in the place where I live. And it has been like that every weekend in January, so I thaught I may do a little something concerning this beautiful yet annoying weather.

So I’ve found a few links around the web that have snow as a main topic and I put them alltogether for you to enjoy them. Here they go:

Let it Snow cupcakes

Snowflakes macro photography by Andrew Osokin

Illustration by Ančka Gošnik-Godec.

Chalet K2 in the French Alps 1 Chalet K2 in the French Alps

Chalet in the French Alps, nice place to stay in a snowy day

england snow 20131 England Snow (Walking In a Winter Wonderland)

Aerial photography in North-West Enland by Patrick Dinneen

holiday decorations at the Framemasters Gallery / featured on discoverpaper.com

Nice snow-related gift wrapping

bonhomme neige ancien photo 11 Des bonshommes de neige à lancienne

Ancient snowman pictures

The art of flight, awesome snowboard video

Que faire à Paris quand il neige ?

What to do in Paris (and pretty much anywhere) when it snows?

Snow typography

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