3 smartphone apps that could save your live from boreness


I barely write here about technology and yet it’s something that people use more and more frequently. I guess it’s because I’m shaped in an old-fashioned way and I prefeer books than iPads, but the truth is that, sometimes, smartphones, tablets and computers can do things that books can’t. These are three apps that have caught my eye recently…

This app wants kids to become more involved in the reading of daily news. Therefore, this Japanese newspaper has created an augmented reality app and when kids scroll their parent’s newspaper some news will pop up with content adapted to their age. As an instance, drawings, colourful  headers and plain Japanese text will appear. The goal is for kids to become more and more interested in newspapers, and also to create a fluent connection with their parents. I think it’s a great idea, even though I’m not sure if kids will ever to the jump to paper, then…

Capture d’écran 2013-02-12 à 10.32.36

Vine is a mixed Instagram-Twitter kind of way…but on film. This app allows you to create 20-second video (thank God it’s short) and share it with your friends, as another social network. It’s quite nice for artists, and there is a few nice results already (the one above is mine, those ones I’ve found them around the net (you need to click to see them)



What the font! 

I think any designer knows this site that allows you to find out what font in a website or print ad is. It’s useful, easy to use and, even though it doesn’t help you all the time, it certanly makes it easier sometimes. The smartphone app couldn’t be better, and you can now go anywhere and know which font was used in a restaurant menu or in a hotel room! Cool!

(picture above by Reciclart)


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