Photography: Where is Momo?


American designer Andrew Omner realized that his border collie, named Momo, always hide in unexpected places when throwing him sticks. That is why he started to photograph him with Instagram, and the result is a website called Find Momo where the spectators has to play the game of finding the dog in the most unexpected places.

(yes, I know this will be a fun exercise to do in a boring monday morning so you’re welcome hihi)

Find momo at the graffiti wall.

Find momo in a sterile environment.

Find momo at the court house.

Find momo after a snowfall.

Find momo in a house portrait.

Find momo at Fielding Memorial Park. (at Feilding Memorial Park)

Find momo in a snowstorm.

Find momo in the forest.

Find momo at Roy’s.

Find momo hanging out with trains.



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