Friday means fun fun fun!

friday means fun


It’s Friday!

Yeah, that’s right, I am feeling quite optimistic today so here you have 15 (!) fun images for you. And also, some fun links!

–  Hilarious article: 10 Signs You’re A Terrible Traveler

– People like me who doesn’t know what to read, this is a very useful website

Great aerial pictures of tulip fields (in the Netherlands, of course)

– A song to listen while you read this post

 The center of the world, funny ad from the Basque Country


So, yay it’s friday!

This weekend I’m going to stay home. And with this locker it’s sure any thing will dare bother me.


Yup, I’ll be very busy

foto (1)

Maybe I’ll have to go to the bank, like this people queing in a funny way in Venezuela

foto (2)

Or maybe hang out with my new pals

foto (3)

Or planning a trip, which will be way more easier when I can decide where are the borders and the distances between continents.


I can also watch the news, and finally understand why did the Pope quit.

Or buy hilarious stuff for my pets, even though I’m not sure I’ll make them wear this.

Maybe I could even find a baby and create mini-ugly face

Pinned Image

Or annoy my cat (again)

Pixar Presents: Police Cars

Since it won’t stop snowing, I could pixar-draw police cars around downtown

Yes.  That's how it goes.

Or buy this T-Shirt to learn the English alphabet again

Me too.

Or delete some apps from my phone (MWAHHAHA)

Ok, ok, I’m getting done with this post. Because, wheater I’ll do, we all know that…

The sad truth.

picture above by Katie Evans


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