Friday means fun

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Friday means fun is you weekly dosis of good vibes before the weekend! In this post you’ll find 5 fun and inspiring images, 5 interesting links of things I’ve found around the net and -NEW!- 3 links to past posts from Fünf Gemüse.

Don’t say friday is too long after this! Click “continue reading” to see them all!

Some reasons to choose Barcelona

Check out the latest Blu mural in Rome!

– Wouldn’t mind at all if you offer me this notebook

If you are also wondering why so many cover pictures on Facebook have gone green

– If you havn’t been to Australia you’ve never heard of a flat white before, yummy!

Fun Easter photo booth props


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

And also, three past posts from Fünf Gemüse that you might enjoy:

– Music: mimes are cute

– Photography: Silent world

– Books: Sharing plates


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