Friday means fun!

friday means fun

Friday means fun is you weekly dosis of good vibes before the weekend! In this post you’ll find 5 fun and inspiring images, 5 interesting links of things I’ve found around the net and 3 links to past posts from Fünf Gemüse.

Don’t say friday is too long after this! Click “continue reading” to see them all!

– Can you buy me ANYTHING from this shop? : )

– This is hilarious: the real people from Internet phenomenes

A song !

Incredible photos of Japan’s recent volcano eruption

This looks so yummy!

Image épinglée

Image épinglée


Quand on a un boost de créativité musicale

Amaze Red Orange | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

And three past posts from Fünf Gemüse from you to enjoy:

– Video: the art of making coffee around the world

– Design: Temporary Tattoos

– Cinema: movie posters that don’t lie


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