Architecture: Urbanauts hotel in Vienna

design, trips

Vienna is a city that is day after day considered as one of the best cities to visit, and to live! It was considered before a classy city, with nothing else to offer besides fancy Sissi palaces. However, it has way too many things to miss it if you are around Europe. And, if you are willing to visit the city, a good idea on where to stay is Urbanauts, hotel rooms that are build in ground floor city shops that became vacancy. Each space consists on a loft in the ground floor, creating a horizontal hotel.

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The most interesting thing though is that Urbanauts profites from the benefits on being in a neighbourhood: the price of a room includes breakfast (from a coffeeshop at the corner), or rent a bike (from a friend’s shop). This is actually a very clever idea to revitalize the city center and also give benefits to local store so they don’t have to shut down their busnisses. So now you now, hurry up to catch a plane to Vienna!


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