About / Sobre mi

Herzlichen Wilkomen

Fünf Gemüse means five vegetables in german. However, this is not a botanical blog and would not be writen in german either. Here you’ll find pictures and words. Well, and maybe pictures of vegetables as well.

If you still want to know more about me, you can always write me an email: funfgemuse@gmail.com

CAT. Fünf Gemüse significa “cinc verdures” en alemany. Ni sóc vegetariana ni aquest és un blog de botànica. Aquí hi trobaràs fotos i paraules. Bé, i potser fotos de verdures també.

Si vols saber una mica més sobre l’autora d’aquest blog,  pots escriure’m un mail a funfgemuse@gmail.com

.twitter @funfgemuse .   tumblr http://funfgemuse.tumblr.com/


14 thoughts on “About / Sobre mi

  1. Jajaj, si que ho eres si, com a mínim abans, eres un cul de mal “asiento” que se’n diria seient. xD

  2. Hello Laura
    I don’t go often on my flickr account, but I just discovered your comment and your post on your blog!
    Thank you for that, it’s always a pleasur for me to know people who like my work and discovered they spread it!
    Here is e link to a video about it and there is a new one (specially did for Quiksilver Fondation at the same page)
    All the best

  3. Gemüsina,
    Que passis un bon dia d’aniversari!
    Tens un blog genial. Tanta creativitat em desborda…

    1. gràcies ! No havia vist el missatge fins ara. Espero que el vagis seguint i t’agradi, i felicitats per la plaça, ja m’han arribat les bones notícies ! Plein bisous pour toute la famille !

    1. hi ! I used to live in Germany and “Fünf Gemüse” were the two words I first learnt in that language. However I’m not good enought to post in german 😦

  4. Tolle Seite! Aber, sie haben “Willkommen” falsch buchstabieren ^.^;; Das geht–Ich schreibe kaum auf Deutsch u. deswegen ist es schwer, auf Deutsch fleißig zu sein @_@

    (Also, It’s okay because German tends to hide consonants on us! 🙂 )

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