Photography: Models represent Picasso paintings

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Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous Spanish painters ever, still inspires artists and all sorts of people. Madrid based photographer Eugenio Recuenco have just released a series of pictures of fashion models trying to emulate some of Picasso’s most important paintings. Make up, dressing and Photoshop are the elements he has used to try to create this Picasso mood, and the truth is that I am pretty sure he got the look!

What do you think, do you like them or not? Click on continue reading t find out.

10 Snow-related stuff

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Snow Fence (6)

It’s been snowing for a few hours now in the place where I live. And it has been like that every weekend in January, so I thaught I may do a little something concerning this beautiful yet annoying weather.

BCN:MCR, Barcelona, Manchester and a design exhibition

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What comes first to your mind when you hear Barcelona and Manchester? Sun and rain. Right, it did the same thing to me. However, both cities have lived a sort of recovery in the last decades, bringing them to the national scheme in what design and culture refeers. Maybe the fact that they both have still an industrial past has somehow connected them and helped local artists to raise in any kind of art, from architecture to design.

This is why, besides its enormous differences, Manchester and Barcelona are closer that we might think, and this is what designer Dave Sefwick wants to show in an exhibition opening 21st January who will run for two weeks in the 2022 Northern Quarter coffee shop.

With the title BCN:MCR the exhibition will display the work of some innovative Barcelona design agencies such as Hey,LamoscaLo SientoMayúscula and Mucho. On the opening day there will be a talk with the artists and Dave Sefwick himself where they will make reflections concerning art, architecture and maybe even tapas or paella!

So if you’re around the city in those days don’t miss this event!

Here you have some art from the displaying agencies which I’m sure you’ll appreciate:




La Mosca

La vida de los objetos (Lettering, Identity) by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona

DESIGNTIMES Magazine cover 2 (Print) by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona

Alba Editorial (Editorial) by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona

Lo siento

Hey studio



Street Art: Hense and its church graffiti



Hense is an Atlanta-based street artist with a particular gift at transforming urban spaces into colourful installations.  A great example is this church in Washington DC that Hense has transformed into a huge graffiti. It seems a new life has come to this iconic building, giving it a different meaning, and becoming somehow less a praying space but a social space.

Un antigua iglesia completamente cubierta en Graffiti © Hense

Un antigua iglesia completamente cubierta en Graffiti © Hense

Mathematic Street Art: Aakash Nihalani



I have to admit that I’ve never been a maths person. In fact I pretty much hated it until I came across the work of Aakash Nihalani. His clever street art will lead more than one mathematic-sceptic to actually think there’s something creative in the bottom of this science.

Sum Times: Clever Mathematical Street Art from Aakash Nihalani windows street art math doors

Sum Times: Clever Mathematical Street Art from Aakash Nihalani windows street art math doors

Sum Times: Clever Mathematical Street Art from Aakash Nihalani windows street art math doors

If you’re in New York you can visit an exposition of this artist at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.


Modern art in Versailles



Le Chateau de Versailles is a well-known palace of the french aristocracy. This is where Marie Antoinette ate cakes, and where she lost her head. Thus, it is an iconic place of the classic architecture and the visible explanation that, in the old times, aristochrats were rich and had nice houses.

This is why is quite surprising that modern art can be found across its doors. Therefore, a giant Jeff Koons balloon sculpture it’s visible in a courtyard or a Joana Vasconcelos crotched installation has been installed in the stairs.

I do think that this is jutxtaposition is quite interesting, what about you?


Gardens Ton Top of City Buses in New York

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Bus roots is a project that seeks to use plants in an urban context. That is why they have modified some city buses in the New York City area to create gardens on its roof. Designer Castro Cosio wants to use unusual spaces to give the city some more green zones and he actually says that if all the buses in New York had a garden on its roof, there would be more141.000 quadrat meters additional of vegetation!



Paper master art: Fideli Siri Sundqvist

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Swedish Fideli Siri Sundqvist is a master paper artist. You don’t belive me? Then check out how many different things she can do with paper. Example?

Dead natures with extreme details. Even the light reminds us of Caravaggio or any light’s masters!

Suitcases with city surprises inside

Pinture that splashes and creates other forms

Circus comics n 3-D

White cities

Folding paper animals (they are for sale!)

Paper flowers that reminds us of the botanical posters we had in school

And kids who enjoy themselves (well, maybe not) playing with paper!

Convinced? Then go chek out her portfolio for more amazing projects and maybe to find a hidden hobby!


Measuring the univery: Moma art campaign



In 2009, the MoMA hosted a very peculiar exhibition by the Slovakian artist  Roman Ondák. At the begining there was a white empty space that it was slowly filled with the names, height and date of the measurement of the visitors. Over the time, the walls become a gigantic measurement wall with the traces of all the visitors. The aim of Ondák with the “Measuring the Universe” exhibition was to involve visitors in the process of art making and create a different concept of the artist’s work.