Architecture: Edgeland house

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Edgenald residence was conceived by the Bercy Chen Studio and it is actually a pretty smart space. It is conceived to be at the best thermical capacity possible. What I like the most is the backyard, that allows you to observe the migration of birds, or take a relaxing bath surrounded b nature. I think it’s a great mixing between nature and architecture, isn’t it?



Design: House plans of your favourite series

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Spanish interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is, apparently, a fan of both floorplans and TV shows. At least this is what you guess after seeing his awesome drawings of popular TV Shows. It is fun because if you follow of any of this shows you’ll see how precise he is with the details of each plan, and how all the elements fit perfectly in each drawing. In his blog you’ll also learn what has been the base to create each plan, as sometimes the flats have changed throughout the seasons of each serie.

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Picture of the day: Let the East Side Gallery live!

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east-side (1)

Have you heard? An urbanistic plan is considering to take down part of the East Side Gallery, one of the main touristic attractions in Berlin and, let me say, one of the prettiest. It’s actually a part of the Berlin wall that has been transformed into a giantic piece of street art that is worth a couple of visits if you’re in town.

If you want to know more about it, read this article I recently wrote talking about this topic. Regarding the picture, I took it a couple of years ago, can’t wait to go back to Berlin !

Architecture: Refuge by Wim Goes Architectur

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I like refuges. They are the perfect place to hide when you want to escape, and also the perfect place to be quiet to do whenever you want. This is probably why this refuge project by studio Wim Goes caught my eye. It in Belgium, and the architects have achieved something quite difficult: to create a peaceful space in a quiet place without saying NO to modern architecture and trends.

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My house is a giantic library

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Book lovers, I’ve found your dream house (s). It seems that building a house around a library is possible, and if not here are some pictures that will make you change your mind. Shall we move in? I definately would say yes!

This one is in Rotterdam and designed by Dutch architectural firm, Shift

This one is in Brasil and designed by Triptyque Studio

Designed by Travis Price Architects

Australian bookshelf that follows the roofline

By Levitate Architects

Clever way to save space by designers at .27 Architects


Rainbow panorama by Olafur Eliasson


Many museums and institutions are lately building some sort of panorama on their roofs so that people can have a 360 degrees view over the city or the district. Good examples for that are the Reichstag Dom in Berlin or the Guinness Museum in Dublin.

The Aros museum in Cophenaguen (Denmark) is also following this new trend and has recently built an amazing panorama called ‘The Rainbow“. I guess by just looking the picture you can tell why : ) According to the museum, the building of this roof is a connection between the museum and heaven, since the museum is conceived under the Divine Comedy from Dante. Really imaginative.. and really nice as well!

Floathing theater in Thailand

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Cinemas and theater in open spaces are usually a good idea. But, portable theaters in a beautiful place like the rocky shoreline of Yao Noi, Thailand, then it’s not good, it’s just brilliant. That’s what architect Ole Scheeren designed for the new film festival Film on the Rocks Yao Noi.

The better thing about that is that after the film festival was over and that all the actors and producers went home, this floating theater was donated to the people in Yao Noi, so they could use it as an open playground and an open space.

This is what should really be all the time: Thailand gives you the perfect landscape for you show, and in exchange you give something back.


Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Film Festival 2012


Stuttgart city library


The interiors sport a very open layout with books visible throughout. Some may find the whites a bit sterile, but make no mistake, books are the center of attention here. But, what really caught our attention, and we are sure it caught yours as well are – the stairs! They are so randomly placed, connecting each floor, but also connecting the whole space together. You're not just climbing the stairs, you're exploring the environment around you, the view of the library is completely exposed to your eyes. We bet that climbing those stairs feels so triumphant!

ENG. It is intersting to see special constructions builded around the globe. Some museums, hotels or particular houses catch our eye for its particular design or the materials they’ve used. However, nothing is better than when you see that one of those “special” buildings has been constructed in a city you particulary know or love.

Library from the Outside

This is what happened with the new Stuttgart city library. When I  first saw the picture, I only thaught “wow, such a nice library” but then I realized it was built it Stuttgart and my heart started pumping really hard.

Besides, mixing architecture and literature always makes me really happy. I specially like the concept of this design: outside is like a complicated Rubik cube, with blue illumination at night. On the other hand, the inside is so simple that architecture becomes secondary and the books become the main protagonists. Good job from  architect Eun Young Yi

So after discovering this amazing building I’ve been a bit nostalgic for a while, wondering how long would it take this time to come back to Germany again !

White and the Books

The Stairs

Childrens Nook

Green Sitting Space for Children

Of course, this kind of a monumental library has a Café named LesBar (in translation – Reading Bar) and a space for children to play and acquire the habit of reading. Their space is a bit more colorful, naturally, but still keeps up with the clean, structured vibe of the rest of the space. Books for children are cleverly put in bins, so that they can easily go through them, because we all know that they are mostly attracted to the cover of the book. And we are mostly attracted to this library!

I wish I was in… Wien, Österreich.

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ENG. Why I would like to be in Viena ? Well, because they have this awesome 4 floor hammock house ! Totally made with reciclable materials, it is called the Flederhaus (bat house) and there you could find 8 hammocks in each floor.

The bulding is in the middle of a park, so perfect to take  nap in spring, right?

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