Illustration: Drawings in sandwich bags

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David LaFerriere introduces himself like this : “I’m the Dad that draws on sandwich bags“. And he is right. Since his child was a kid he has been drawing a different motive in his kid’s sandwich bags. He has then shot each drawing and post it in his Flickr. This means more than 1100 fun drawings to explore, while wondering how jealous this kid’s classmates would have been…


The art of coffee portrait

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New York barista Mike Breach is sort of an artist of coffee. It is widely common to have a cup of warm coffee and have the barista drawn a heart or a plant, but this? Breach is able to draw portrait of people, animals, instruments and all sort of fun objects. Awesome right! In addition he does not seem to be looking at this as a sort of art, but for him is a “kind of a joke”, as he is able to have a short connection with the person who’s enjoying the coffee. Check out the video:

Design: House plans of your favourite series

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Spanish interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is, apparently, a fan of both floorplans and TV shows. At least this is what you guess after seeing his awesome drawings of popular TV Shows. It is fun because if you follow of any of this shows you’ll see how precise he is with the details of each plan, and how all the elements fit perfectly in each drawing. In his blog you’ll also learn what has been the base to create each plan, as sometimes the flats have changed throughout the seasons of each serie.

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Architecture: Urbanauts hotel in Vienna

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Vienna is a city that is day after day considered as one of the best cities to visit, and to live! It was considered before a classy city, with nothing else to offer besides fancy Sissi palaces. However, it has way too many things to miss it if you are around Europe. And, if you are willing to visit the city, a good idea on where to stay is Urbanauts, hotel rooms that are build in ground floor city shops that became vacancy. Each space consists on a loft in the ground floor, creating a horizontal hotel.

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Architecture: Refuge by Wim Goes Architectur

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I like refuges. They are the perfect place to hide when you want to escape, and also the perfect place to be quiet to do whenever you want. This is probably why this refuge project by studio Wim Goes caught my eye. It in Belgium, and the architects have achieved something quite difficult: to create a peaceful space in a quiet place without saying NO to modern architecture and trends.

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