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DYT kill comic sans Kill Comic Sans

Kill Comic Sans, the game

London Meowing

Cutest tumblr ever: The Kitten Covers

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Hope you have enjoyed this fun images as I did. Happy weekend everybody !

how to draw a… creative online tutorials to improve you drawing!

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ENG. Are you terrible at drawing? Online tutorials make you sick because they show you how to draw ugly things? I don’t know, but in my case YES I’m very bad at drawing and YES I use to hate online tutorials. But you know there’s always a “but”. Recently I came out with some super cute tutorials that made me change my mind. Check them out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Click on each image to see the whole tutorial : )

by  Simone Lia

by Owen Davey

by Tony Ross

And if you finally decide that you want to better improve your drawing, then you might want to buy a whole book who teaches you so (picture above). Here is the best one I’ve found so far: Let’s make some great art by talented artist Marion Deuchars

Temporary tattoos

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ENG. I have always wondered how a tattoo would look on me, but I’ve never decided myself to get one. I guess this being for ever scares me, and many other people. What if we don’t like it anymore? What if it is appropriate? What if it isn’t good for our skin?

This is why I love so much Tattly, an online store for desingy temporary tattoos. Created by Tina Roth Eisenberg of swisssmiss, the idea was to create this tattoos so the kids could wear fancy designs, and not the usual ugly designs you can get.

I think now I could consider getting a CMYK tattoo or similar! And you?


Via Woot Woot World

12 world map animals

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Twelve Animals, Rooster -- ENG. Sometimes we wish we could rearrange the world map so that some countries could be closer that they actually are. With this, long distance relationships wouldn’t exist, and people might be happier.

Of course this is only possible in our imagination, and only for people who are a bit creative. Kentaro Nagai is one of them, and in his serie “12 animals” he has imagined which forms would the world map compose if they were animals from the chinese zodiac.

I’m affraid my sign is one of the ugliest ones, I mean, who could say that a rat is adorable ?