Street Art: a graffiti, two visions


This graffiti by Belgian artist ROA in a London street is quite particular, as it allows you to see two different sides from the same drawing. It is intriguing but yet wonderful. Click continue reading to see some other graffitis from Roa.


Architecture: Edgeland house

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Edgenald residence was conceived by the Bercy Chen Studio and it is actually a pretty smart space. It is conceived to be at the best thermical capacity possible. What I like the most is the backyard, that allows you to observe the migration of birds, or take a relaxing bath surrounded b nature. I think it’s a great mixing between nature and architecture, isn’t it?


2008-2013, a picture a year



I ruglarly read   Sandra Juto’s blog and I am amazed to see how many pictures she has taken from the same day in different years. One day I thought “maybe I also have some pictures from the same day in different years! So taking this as an inspiration,  I realized how many different things I did during the last years on the 13th of April. Isn’t it fun?
2008.04.22 217

2008: I was in a bus heading back to Barcelona. It was at sunset and the skyline of the city was beautiful.


2009: We celebrated Easter in Germany with the traditional painted eggs, which I have never seen before that.


2010: I bought a lavender plant. It lasted two months 😦


2011: It was realy warm in Biarritz, France and I spent an afternoon sunbathing in the beach


2012: I saw wild seals for the first time in the Cape Bridgewater in Australia.


2013: This morning I grab a book and sat outside enjoying the nice weather : )

The art of coffee portrait

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New York barista Mike Breach is sort of an artist of coffee. It is widely common to have a cup of warm coffee and have the barista drawn a heart or a plant, but this? Breach is able to draw portrait of people, animals, instruments and all sort of fun objects. Awesome right! In addition he does not seem to be looking at this as a sort of art, but for him is a “kind of a joke”, as he is able to have a short connection with the person who’s enjoying the coffee. Check out the video:

Picture of the day: la Côte Basque

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Dans le Pays Basque, le soleil est une denrée rare: on l’attend, le curé prie à la messe du dimanche pour qu’il arrive, on en parle sans cesse, on se rue aux Cent Marches ou à la Plancha des qu’il apparaît, et le lendemain il pleut à nouveau mais on s’en fout puisqu’on se reveille à cinq heures de l’après-midi. (…) Le ciel est un océan suspendu. De temps à autre, il fond sur nous, lavant les collines et le maisons à l’eau de la mer.

Frédéric Beigbeder-Un roman français (2009)