10 things to welcome spring


So even if spring is quite not here yet if we believe what weather forecasts try to tell us, I am still not ready to admit that we will have more unpleasant, ugly weather. And this is why I decided to create this list with 10 items you need to have before the Spring starts:

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Anti Valentine’s day gifts ideas


I must say, Valentine days’s gifts are cheesy but man so are anti-valentine’s day! It took me a while to discover something kind of cute that I could show you here, to complete last year’s post. But finally, here you have a few cool gifts if you are forced to buy something today and you don’t like all this hearty-cheesy things. If not, you can do just like me and buy anything at all : )

2012 Holiday Gift Guide



Christmas is (already) here. And the annoying tedious job of present-hunting is here again. So, if you are like me and you’d rather die before spending your free time searching nice presents in crowded spaces then this post might be your salvation. This gift guide is specially conceived for young ladies who like fun stuff and don’t care about the typical presents (ugly socks, boring books and nasty perfumes). Of course it’s not the perfect guide, but hey, it’s better than anything 🙂

Goodnight kisses pillow

Speaking of pillows, the ostrich pillow is also a good idea

If you’d like your toasts to land on your dish, this toaster is a good idea

Keep the mess off the counter!

A spoon holder, very useful for those who cook and make a mess out of it (me, as an instance)

Poste Smartphone Wallet

A smart wallet (stop loosing your phone and your earplugs, or both!)

Movember: let it grow (the moustache)

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We spoke yesterday about charity events in Mallorca. Today, I want to introduce you a global charity event called Movember, which is the funny combination between November+Moustache. This event wants to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, something that is not always as evident as it seems. Specifically, this campaign wants to help fight prostate cancer and male mental health.

So from today until the end of the month all men involved in this campaign will grow a moustache and help spread the word. This event started in Australia in 2003 and it has become a major worldwide event since. It’s also a funny event, with a competition to see who has the best moustache, and everyone can participate in the website Movember.

Being a girl, we are aware that moustaches doesn’t look really nice on us so here you have a selection of moustache items that will help you support your man in case he decides to participate in this event!

Moustache T-shirt

Lettres d’un inconnu: snail mail from strangers

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Lettres d’un inconnu  is a new concept-shop that relies on something not so new: handwritten letters. Subscribing to this service means getting one beautiful, personal and handwritten letter every now and then. Those letters will vary topics from time to time, but they want to surprise you, inspire you and make you travel. All the details will be important: an easy understandable handwrite, a quality paper, a nice envelope…

The idea comes after the author realized every morning she only had bills on her mailbox instead of letters explaining entertaining stories that she used to get when email was only a futuristic item. She wanted to have this feeling back, the excitment of checking the mailbox everyday waiting for the letter to come. And also the pleasure of opening it and reading it slowly, and re-reading it at any time.

Boite aux Lettres bois
For the moment is only available in French, but I guess using a dictionary (a print one!) to guess what the letter is about can be also quite charming, isn’t it?

10 things to do in Autumn.

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Are you one of those that when Autumn comes falls in a desesperate state until Spring? Well, then here you have 10 ideas on things that might help you get trough in a more festive way.

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Go out for a walk.

Craft with leafs 

Redecorate your house with Autumn colors


Get to know how your hair should look like in Autumn

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Drink hot chocolate

Pont de bain Aquala

Get a warm bath and read a book at the same time!

Get Autumn colors for your nails

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Stay in bed and watch the new seasons of your favourite series

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Learn how to bake chocolate macarons

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Buy new clothes

And, in conclusion:

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(poster by Flourish Cafe)

10 things I wouldn’t mind you offering me


This evidence laundry bag will reveal how awful I am when I have to do my laundry, just leaving all my clothes to be dirty before actually doing it

Heart Gloves, Light Cream with Red Felt Heart

Heart gloves, cool for this australian winter!

Ohea, the smart bed ! (stop doing your bed everyday, click on the image to see the awesome video of this Spanish brand)


This cool stool, which will help me reach everything

Beach bag, with an special item that allows you to remove the sand! Awesome idea, but I just saw the price and made me cry ($375)


Small summer bracelet, perfect for the sunny days,made by the Basque brand Little GriGri

Gommage Corps Thé Vert

Natural hand-made body scrub, I think I would love the flavour! (green tea), made by Blancreme

Burger Mash Colour-In Wallpaper

Colour-in wallpaper, for the moments that I would be bored !

Enlightenment Book Lamp

A booklamp, perfect to read on the bed

Australia Country or State Heart Love Map -  8x10 Silhouette Art Print

This Australia map, to bring home as a cute souvenir

Cute stuff that is what we are talking about!

1 x Triangles Decorative Sticky Tape - One Roll
Nerd Glasses Pillow
Collier en Plate
Chevron PINK  IPhone 4/4s case Pattern Geometric Arrows Modern Tribal redtilestudio
Hello Berlin - city guide in english
softmachines Tote Bag
Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Art - Koala Nighty Night
Laptop Case, 13" MacBook Case, 13" MacBook Air Case, 13" MacBook Pro Case, PADDED, with 1 large pocket for iPad - Envelope - A
Hotel City - Print
This is a few nice things I have recently found online. Most of them are to contribute to Spotyk, where they have made me a VIP member (doesn’t it look fancy ?). I am so happy I asked me to, as it is another nice way to share cool stuff around the net ! Don’t hesitate to visit the site and see what other people suggest, there is authentic treasures to be found !
Do you have any nice items you’ve find lately ? I’d love to see!