What do I do when I’m not blogging


IMG_0964 copie

Wow. It’s been a while. I’ve received some very nice comments lately wondering where I was. No I haven’t locked myself in a monastery with access to the internet limited. But almost. I’ve found a job. A job which I’m passionate about, and that lets me very little time off to wonder around the internet finding good stuff to blog about. This is the only reason why I haven’t been posting that much lately, asI don’t want to bring poor content to this collection of wonderful things. Will I be back? Probably. When? That’s hard to know, but I’d love to see you around when this happens 🙂



3 smartphone apps that could save your live from boreness


I barely write here about technology and yet it’s something that people use more and more frequently. I guess it’s because I’m shaped in an old-fashioned way and I prefeer books than iPads, but the truth is that, sometimes, smartphones, tablets and computers can do things that books can’t. These are three apps that have caught my eye recently…

Packaging: candy bottles


It’s been a while since I lasted posted about packaging, but this doesn’t mean that great things have been created meanwhile! I particularly like this combination of  milk bottles with sweet candies. Of course the tipography helps giving this old-fashioned look, creating a stylish yet fancy look.

This makes me think…Why did I stopped watching packaging blogs? It’s crazy, right?

The Olympics: a tribute


To celebrate the start of the London Olympic Games, here you have a fine selection of images, food and other nice stuff related to the greatest sportive event. Hope you like it, and let’s wait to live a very exciting days full of sport!

The picture above is from a serie by photograper Martin Schoeller for the Time magazine, with american athlets.

3 videos


The story of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster is more surprising than I thaught it would be!

Planning to go to Portugal ? This beautiful animated guide might help you with that!

If they asked you “what makes you happy?” what would you ask? Some of the 50 persons asked in Paris had nice answers, for others it was hard to say 🙂