The art of coffee portrait

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New York barista Mike Breach is sort of an artist of coffee. It is widely common to have a cup of warm coffee and have the barista drawn a heart or a plant, but this? Breach is able to draw portrait of people, animals, instruments and all sort of fun objects. Awesome right! In addition he does not seem to be looking at this as a sort of art, but for him is a “kind of a joke”, as he is able to have a short connection with the person who’s enjoying the coffee. Check out the video:


Picture of the day: la Côte Basque

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Dans le Pays Basque, le soleil est une denrée rare: on l’attend, le curé prie à la messe du dimanche pour qu’il arrive, on en parle sans cesse, on se rue aux Cent Marches ou à la Plancha des qu’il apparaît, et le lendemain il pleut à nouveau mais on s’en fout puisqu’on se reveille à cinq heures de l’après-midi. (…) Le ciel est un océan suspendu. De temps à autre, il fond sur nous, lavant les collines et le maisons à l’eau de la mer.

Frédéric Beigbeder-Un roman français (2009)

Photography: Head in the clouds

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How many pictures have you seen from Paris? Lots, right? Well, so do I, but I think photographer Kaitlin Rebesco has achieved something interesting: to show us the city from a complete different angle. Yes it is: the sky. As if we were birds, Rebesco shows a different angle of vision, where the clouds and the sky seem much more important than the famous monuments, and this is refreshing and different from what we have seen until now. I also love the minimalistic serie of pictures she made from Barcelona.

Design: House plans of your favourite series

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Spanish interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is, apparently, a fan of both floorplans and TV shows. At least this is what you guess after seeing his awesome drawings of popular TV Shows. It is fun because if you follow of any of this shows you’ll see how precise he is with the details of each plan, and how all the elements fit perfectly in each drawing. In his blog you’ll also learn what has been the base to create each plan, as sometimes the flats have changed throughout the seasons of each serie.

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