Street Art Utopia

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ENG. All those graffitis, paintings and other stuff considered as street art have now a place to be together online. It is in the blog called Street Art Utopia, where everyone can send images of this kind of art, in order to make a huge online gallery.

From worldwide famous Banksy paintings to small local artworks that can now have a chance to be known thanks to this blog. In addition, those masterpieces are ephimeres and they can disappear in any moment.

Some of the pieces you might find;


à la carte maps

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ENG. The idea is simple as having friends all over the world that draw a map for you from their cities, reccomending you which are the best places to go, to eat, to shop… This is the project from  À la carte maps who has created 10 amazing maps of 10 amazing cities all over the world. They are presented in a really original way, with all the tips in a hand-drawn map. I just got the Paris one, and I must say the Barcelona one is also really cute. Can’t wait new cities to come!