Ben Thomas and its minature photography



Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas has traveled around the world and shot cities with the tilt-shift technique. The result are miniaturized cities that only increases more and more my aim to travel! And you?

Photography: aerial beaches by Malin Gray



Imagine the scene: summer. Hot, very hot. Beach. Thooousands of people who had the same idea as you did. It doesn’t seem to exist a single spot left in the beach to put your towel, and while you finally go to swim, you feel like in a giantic crowded pool.

American photographer Gray Malin seems to know this and his series of aerial pictures from differents beaches around the world. For him, though, is more like a piece of art: ““From above, a simple beach or pool becomes a blank canvas that allows me to start seeing the world as art. People and objects become patterns creating repetition, shape and form. These photographs are a visual celebration of color, light, shape—and summer bliss.”

(picture above is Bondi Beach in Sydney)


Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia


Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia


Cancun Resort, Mexico


Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Saint Tropez, France


Saint Tropez, France


Saint Tropez, France


How Twitter can be turned into art? Daily Random Word Doodles

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Charles Santoso, an artist currently residing in Sydney seemed to be bored with his job or school or whatever he spents his journeys on. I say it seems because a few months ago he created a blog, and therefore a project called Daily Random Word Doodle. He asks to his followers in Twitter to suggest a word, and then he picks up the first word that someone tweets. Then, he creates a digital illustration for each word and upload it in his blog.

Apparently, this allows him to keep him creative and I guess that he also takes pleasure out of it, judging by how fun the results are. It is a wonderful work of detail, humour and drawing techinque. Nevertheless I have to warn you that he doesn’t consider the drawings “finished” and they are just “doodles”. But I guess you and I both will agree that they look pretty fine to us…

I would strongly reccomend you to check out his other works, they really are amazing.


See all the doodles.

Posca marker light installation


Posca markers are widely known for the artistic community. This iconic markers have helped artists recreate their ideas on paper. Combined with leds, the Melbourne based lightning shop Ambience has created an installation called Eye Spy, where Posca markers are presented like a colorful chandelier.

The aim of the artists who created the piece was to give Posca a recognision of its apportation to the land of art but also to show how easy is to create beautiful installations with recycled materials.

Thumbs up for Australians and its capacity to surprise and innovate!

More of Ambience.

Sculpture by the Sea: public art exhibition in Bondi, Australia

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Bondi is probably one of the most popular beaches in Australia and in the world. Close to Sydney is home of some international surf competitions, it has been the beach volleyball camp for the Olympics and everyone visiting Australia will probably step by to take a swim, sunbath or enjoy their awesome iceberg swimmingpool.

It has also some coastal walks where people can get from one beach to another one. The Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk is quite popular, and for the 16th time it holds now a public art exhibition during october (spring in Australia). Featuring over 200 sculptures, Sculpture by the Sea is a different approach to art: a walk that will allow you to discover australian artists as well as international artists, being one of the world’s largest free public art exhibition.

So now the only question is, do you want to go or have you already been?


See more sculptures in the Sculpture by the Sea website

Movember: let it grow (the moustache)

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We spoke yesterday about charity events in Mallorca. Today, I want to introduce you a global charity event called Movember, which is the funny combination between November+Moustache. This event wants to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, something that is not always as evident as it seems. Specifically, this campaign wants to help fight prostate cancer and male mental health.

So from today until the end of the month all men involved in this campaign will grow a moustache and help spread the word. This event started in Australia in 2003 and it has become a major worldwide event since. It’s also a funny event, with a competition to see who has the best moustache, and everyone can participate in the website Movember.

Being a girl, we are aware that moustaches doesn’t look really nice on us so here you have a selection of moustache items that will help you support your man in case he decides to participate in this event!

Moustache T-shirt