3 videos: balloons



Balloons are a cute thing to film, they always look photogenic. Here you have a fun project, an spectacular art and a cosy video. Which one is your favourite?


source of the picture: Balloon Crazy fine print by Elgarboart in Etsy

Rainbow City New York

art, english

So you are in New York and you are sick of skyscrapers and people everywhere. You want to relax, but Central Park is full of tourists and is not the best place to be. Plus you’ve already seen it, and you are looking for something new. This is a suggestion: go to Chelsea Park so you can admire the forty piece environmental installation “Rainbow City” organised by Friends with you! The sculptures are going to be there for the whole summer, so might like to pack your lunch and have a picnic there! I did it if I could, believe me.

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