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ENG. I am so excited! I will be walking around Berlin in less than 20 days. As I already did before, I started to google in order to find nice stuff from the city. As most of you would probably know, Germany is one of my favourite countries, and so it is Berlin. This is a few nice things from around the web:

Color Berlin Stories, pictures by Matthias Heiderich

Video of the ancient Berlin buildings: Berlin Block Tetris

Must see: East Side Gallery, a piece of the Berliner Mauer, the wall that divided the city for over 20 years.

Where to stay? Ostel Hotel, inspired on the DDR stetic, but withouth the comunism part.

Little Big Berlin: nice video that shows places around the city.

Letters made out of grass (via Swiss Miss). I don’t know where they are but they look cool. Berliners seem to have something with tipography…!

German coffe isn’t awesome, but at least drink it in a nice place is a good idea: Café Einstein Berlin

Ampelmann cookies. Ampelmann are the pedestrian signs in Berlin.

Berlin under the rain. The weather in Berlin sucks, anything can be perfect!

Knut, the star from the berliner zoo, the Tiergarten.

Currywurst and beer are the official meal in Berlin. Apparently, the best one can be find in the Prenzlauer Berg, in a place called Konnopke Imbiss.

Berlin Crumpled Map designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso. Hopefully it won’t be broken at the end of the trip

Differences between chinese and germans


So cool right? Can’t wait to see it in my eyes



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ENG. We all know berliners are awesome. But this time, their awesomeness is increasing higher and higher to me. I’ve recently discovered they have a museum for rescued letters! Yes, they collect the letters that one day where the logo of an old factory, a shop or anything else and they keep them in a museum called Buchstabenmuseum. The museum has received thousands of visits since it’s open, and it’s collection keeps on growing every day. Don’t we all feeling like saying “ich bin ein berliner”?

pictures from here.

Show us your type

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Show us your type, part of the Neue online magazine. Easy to understand what they are asking for, right? The interesting thing is that the type you have to show corresponds every time to a different city. Barcelona, NY and Berlin had already been “typographed”. This are a few of my favourites:

Berlin (more here)

Aurora Moreno Pavon / Porto

Emory Allen / Minneapolis

Felix Ewer / Essen

Ivan Hvam Hvam / Aarhus

Jose Medina / Barcelona

Lais Kantor / Sao Paulo

Raul Ferris / Valencia

Barcelona (more here)

Bernat Calvo / Barcelona

Diego Feijóo / Barcelona

BlondGirl&BestBoy/ Barcelona

Jordi Sabat / Barcelona

Lisa Rienermann / Berlin

Martí Guixé / Barcelona

Sophie Lepinoy / London

Artiva Design / Genova