Picture of the day: Let the East Side Gallery live!

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east-side (1)

Have you heard? An urbanistic plan is considering to take down part of the East Side Gallery, one of the main touristic attractions in Berlin and, let me say, one of the prettiest. It’s actually a part of the Berlin wall that has been transformed into a giantic piece of street art that is worth a couple of visits if you’re in town.

If you want to know more about it, read this article I recently wrote talking about this topic. Regarding the picture, I took it a couple of years ago, can’t wait to go back to Berlin !

Street Art: Hense and its church graffiti



Hense is an Atlanta-based street artist with a particular gift at transforming urban spaces into colourful installations.  A great example is this church in Washington DC that Hense has transformed into a huge graffiti. It seems a new life has come to this iconic building, giving it a different meaning, and becoming somehow less a praying space but a social space.

Un antigua iglesia completamente cubierta en Graffiti © Hense

Un antigua iglesia completamente cubierta en Graffiti © Hense

Top 5 street art in Melbourne

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Melbourne is such an interesting city. Some might say that it has a european style. Well, in some way it does; big streets, lots of cafes, etc. However, street art is not really encouraged in Europe, even if we can actually find it almost everywhere and some of the most famous artists are from our old land. In Melbourne this is a whole new story.

They have lots of lanes with amazing pieces of street art, and they have even create a touristic tour to see the most important ones. This is this thing about street art that you never know when the piece is going to disappear and be replaced by a new one. Due to this ephemerity I couldn’t resist taking a hundred pictures of all this explosion of colour and imagination.

Here you have my top 5.







There are a lot of other lanes in Melbourne, but the one where I took this picture is called Hosier Lane.


My weekend with Instagram

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As many of you already know, this weekend was Saint Patrick’s Day and it was the first time that I’ve ever celebrated this popular festivity. I didn’t know that it was such a big thing here in Sydney, but the truth is that I have had so much fun!

The best souvenir is this fake irish coverleaf tattoo that I got and that I’m still struggling to get it out : ) I have done other things though, and since I forgot to bring my camera, I show you some Instagram shots (I’m not a hypster please don’t judge me : )

My weekend actually started on friday, and since there was really nice weather I went to Rose Bay, a nice spot in Sydney, with ocean cliffs, beautiful houses and a nice beach.

Saturday morning was rainy (it sounds impossible but I swear it rains a lot in Sydney) so I spent my time drinking coffee, which I believe it’s a really well spended time.

I went for a walk on the afternoon and took this picture of the beautiful Sydney’s skyline.

And saw this cute kitten somewhere in Chippendale, a really cool neighbourhood.

Today I have been to the Saint Patrick’s Festival in Hyde Park where they displayed this fun signs (I believe Cork is further than 3 km away though).

There were irish flags, leprechauns and any other kind of irish stuff. And lots of Guinness, of course.

Well, and also those birds who wanted to eat anything you will give them.

Finally, on my way home, I have spotted this nice sign on the ground.

As you can imagine, I’ve had a blast the whole weekend 🙂

Happy New Year with Street Art

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I would like to start this 2012 with something fun. What is better than street art? At least to me, this is a perfect way to freshly begin a new year. Street art always keeps my attention, it is so creative and can be expressed in so many different ways !

It’s difficult to choose a favourite, but I guess my choice would be all the pieces where an already built thing is used (traffic sign, tree) and with the new design it is converted into something completely different. And yours ?

Anyway, happy new year to everybody !




This is real food for the summer

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ENG. I’m sorry I made you be hungry with the last post about food paints… I would be just a bit more mean by showing you this sofisticate ice creams made by the collective Stoyn. They are perfect for this warm summer that is slowly arriving, isn’t it? Which one is your favourite ? I love the tequile sunrise-Mario Bros one !
Click continue reading to see all ice-creams. I’m sure time will pass faster until you arrive to the lunch time !

Urban graffiti: BLU

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ENG. Last summer, when we reached Lisboa (Portugal’s main city) with my sister this was one of the first things we saw. A huge graffiti that covered a whole building in one of the main streets of the city. We were impressed not only by the size but also for the quality of the drawing and the meaning of it. We just took a few randomn pictures but never really went back to see it closer. A few months later, I saw this one in Berlin:


I thaught it was nice, and meaningfull, but as well as the other one, never came back to take a decent picture. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized that both graffitis are made by the same person. Italian artist Blu has painted huge walls like this one all over Europe and also accross the Ocean. After taking a look in his site, I’ve realized I’ve seen a few more walls made from him but never realized it. Wen we first think of graffiti we always think about the mediatized Banksy, but actually there is hundeds of great artists that do similar works and they are quite unknown. This is why I think you would like to take a look to all of its images by clicking “continue reading’

Street Art Utopia

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ENG. All those graffitis, paintings and other stuff considered as street art have now a place to be together online. It is in the blog called Street Art Utopia, where everyone can send images of this kind of art, in order to make a huge online gallery.

From worldwide famous Banksy paintings to small local artworks that can now have a chance to be known thanks to this blog. In addition, those masterpieces are ephimeres and they can disappear in any moment.

Some of the pieces you might find;