Tapas in Berlin, Daniel Brühl’s bar

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ENG. Actor Daniel Brühl was the main carachter of one of the most famous german movies of the last years, Good Bye, Lenin !. This is one of my favourites movies ever, but it’s not the only one where he has played a role. He also was the main character in Salvador, a catalan film about the last person executed by the Spanish dictaturship. This isn’t probably his most popular film, but if he accepted to do this role was in part because of his origins. Many people might ignore that, but I can proudly announce that Daniel Brühl was born in Barcelona.

As anyone who has catalan origins, Daniel Brühl also loves Tapas, our worldwide known food. He also said in an interview that when he was a kid he used to dreamt on opening a bar. Well, it might be the combination of both because Daniel Brühl has now a tapas bar in Kreuzberg (Berlin) called Bar Raval. I’ve never been there (even though I would love to) but apparently it doesn’t uses folklore to sell itself; it’s a modern bar with imported components and accessories from Spain, urban and stil classic at the same time. For the one’s you don’t know, Raval is a neighborhood in Barcelona, known for it’s famous tapas bars.

Thanks Daniel Brühl for spreading out our food tradition in the most awesome city in Europe !

Can’t wait to come back there and go take a look ! In the meanwhile we can look at the picutres of the bar by clicking “continue reading”.