Happy New Year with Street Art

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I would like to start this 2012 with something fun. What is better than street art? At least to me, this is a perfect way to freshly begin a new year. Street art always keeps my attention, it is so creative and can be expressed in so many different ways !

It’s difficult to choose a favourite, but I guess my choice would be all the pieces where an already built thing is used (traffic sign, tree) and with the new design it is converted into something completely different. And yours ?

Anyway, happy new year to everybody !




The street is a playground !

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ENG. Waiting for the bus is boring, really boring. Throwing papers into the bin to recycle is boring as well. Maybe our routine days would be funnier if we Démocratie Créative was an active collective in our cities as well. They convert the streets into a big playground, with elements such as tram stations, bins and more.

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Le 15 jours de la France: Sandrine Estrade, art urbain

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Hallucinations de rue

ENG. You remember, when being kids, we used to look at clouds and pretend they looked like something fancy? We would say they looked like rabbits, or cars or even persons! It was fun, and creative. Some of us still do that, not only with clouds but also elsewhere. An example: how many times havn’t you thaught a house looked like a face?

We all do that, we like to imagine things are different, the reality would always be more fun. However, only Sandrine Estrade pass to the action. In her projects, she uses any element that inspires her around the city and gives it a radical change to convert it into something else. In this idea, garbage turns to be a butterfly, a broken umbrella looks like Marilyn Monroe or a McDonald bag is a girl’s bra.

I’m sure, after that, we all look not only at clouds but also to our feets!

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