Ben Thomas and its minature photography



Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas has traveled around the world and shot cities with the tilt-shift technique. The result are miniaturized cities that only increases more and more my aim to travel! And you?

Friday means fun: travel quotes

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Those quotes are meant to be inspiring, and they are indeed! Have a great weekend with them and also with this 5 interesting links:

This is a cute invitation for either a party or an event

Fun pictures of animals going back to school

– I love the reader’s survival kit that features every now and then French magazine Desillusion

– This is very fun: 10 Smart, Skinny Buildings Squeezed into Teeny Tiny Spaces

– A nice song from a movie I saw the other day

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Photgraphy+Typography+Europe= always a good call

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Gokhun Guneyhan is a turkish designer who likes to travel around Europe making pictures. Yeah, I know there’s no big deal, we all do that, right? But what we don’t do is to go home, download the pictures and try to find a typography that perfectly matches the feel the city has (let’s face we’d be lucky if we get to name every folder with the name of the city the pictures where taken!). That’s probably what makes him different. And I guess also because the results are quite remarcable. I’ve been in most of the cities he’s displaying and I’ve felt somehow the same exact things his tipography shows:



3 videos: Paris



Oh Paris, this crowded yet inspiring city. Who isn’t creative in Paris? Apparently no one!

Awesome Christmas video by Havas featuring different animations that represent each neighbourhood.


Even all those years later, Amélie is still an inspiration to many of us! Like this “Betty in Paris” video by Design Mum

Paris underwater (FYI: it really does rain a lot in Paris)


Travel: The Heidelberg project

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In Detroit they have been doing for years an outdoor community art environment project called “The Heidelberg Project“. I am not sure why this project got the name of a famous german city, but the truth is that this project has been creating pieces of art since 1986. They use recycled materials and found objects from the streets of the city.

The aim of the project is to tell a different story with each piece, foucsing on current issues of the Detroit’s society. It wants the observer to think if it’s either art or garbage, playing with the sensible line that is usually between them.

Either way I find it a very interesting project, not only to conscienciate about recycling, but also as a “must-do” thing while visiting this city, which I am sure is not on most bucket’s list…

The Heidelberg Project, Detroit

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More on the Heidelberg Project website.

New and different hotels


Going in a vacation is great. No matter where the destination is, you can easily find something enjoyable to do and have a good time. But hotels… ah, hotels, this is yet a complete different story. When being tired after a long day of sightseeing we reach our hotel and we wish for a clean, cosy and comfortable space to relax. We don’t want noisy neighbours, dirty showers or uncomfortable beds. If not, we’d go to a cheap youth hostel. In addition, we secretly wish to have something more than a bed and a shower. So that we can tell everybody. That our hotel was special because… (fill in the gap: because it was in a great location/because it had a circular bed, etc, etc, etc). But some hotels really ARE special, and they use this bizarreness as their sign of identity to attract customers.

There are bubble hotels in France which are inflabable rooms who looks like igloos

Or real igloos in Finland (for the luxurious folks) or in Zermatt, Switzerland for those who have a tight budget:



Some might like to hang on the trees and remember when they were kids with houses in the trees in Catalonia:


For those who like camping even in big cities can book a caravan in the Hütten Palast hotel in Berlin, Germany:

And have you thaught on staying in a lighthouse but with all the comodities of modern life? This can be done in the West Usk Lighthouse Hotel in the United Kingdom:

If a lighthouse is too close to sea or too high in the sky, you might want to try a cave hotel, and the  Sala Silvermine in Sweden is a good option:

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones  Castle Liebenstein in Germany is a good place to recreate the White Walkers scene:

Maybe you are more a fisher kind of person, and I’ve found the perfect spot for you. It’s in Sweden, and it’s a floading hotel.

Idyllic: The floating hotel is located in the middle of a Swedish lake east of Stockholm

Like art expositions, there are also hotels that rotate among different cities, like the Everland. A single-room hotel that has already been shipped to Paris, Leipzig and Yverdon:

Looking for something more “industrial”? Das Parkhotel in Austria is maybe the thing you are looking for:


And, finally, if you want something radical, or you’ve been too bad, the Celica hostal in Ljubljana is a jail that has been rebuilt, we believe it’s pretty cool!

Mini guías muy molonas

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Small litle tourist alternative guides for different cities in Spain. I guess the humour is only understandable for those who speak a bit of Spanish. For the rest you can admire how cute the drawings are 🙂



Mr Wonderful is a design agency in Barcelona, and they also have a very cute shop.