Top 5 street art in Melbourne

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Melbourne is such an interesting city. Some might say that it has a european style. Well, in some way it does; big streets, lots of cafes, etc. However, street art is not really encouraged in Europe, even if we can actually find it almost everywhere and some of the most famous artists are from our old land. In Melbourne this is a whole new story.

They have lots of lanes with amazing pieces of street art, and they have even create a touristic tour to see the most important ones. This is this thing about street art that you never know when the piece is going to disappear and be replaced by a new one. Due to this ephemerity I couldn’t resist taking a hundred pictures of all this explosion of colour and imagination.

Here you have my top 5.


There are a lot of other lanes in Melbourne, but the one where I took this picture is called Hosier Lane.